AVG Antivirus Pro Features

AVG Antivirus Pro has received many positive reviews for its effective antivirus protection. It is considered as the most reliable anti-virus application available today. To make life easy and convenient, AVG antivirus comes loaded with many useful features such as antispyware protection, anti-spyware, link scanner, and so on. These features however, need to be bought separately from its free version. If you are looking to have a fully functional version of AVG antivirus, then the free version would not do. You would have to purchase it from the market to enjoy all the benefits that it comes with.



One of the main benefits of installing AVG antivirus pro apk onto your unit is the built-in Internet scan feature. It scans all the installed apps for possible viruses and spyware on your computer. The scan results would show the results immediately after the scan. If the virus detected is of a severe nature, you can immediately schedule the scanning process to run every day or week.


Since this free version of AVG antivirus pro apk is limited in terms of viruses and malware removal capabilities, you should make sure to regularly update the software to be able to detect and remove more threats. With regular updates from the company, you can be rest assured that the android device will remain secure. Regular monitoring is also important to keep track of the progress of your malware and virus removal efforts. By doing this, you can easily spot any improvements or advancements made in the application. In addition, you can also determine what changes need to be made to optimize the efficiency of the program.


You can run AVG antivirus pro from the Android device’s memory space. However, this could have its disadvantages because the data needed by the scanning process to be stored in the system. So, if you want to use this free program on your smartphone, you might face the limitation of accessing it when your device runs low on memory. Another drawback is that you cannot run this antivirus pro on rooted devices. It could cause severe damage to the operating system of your device.


Despite these drawbacks, this is one of the most reliable and powerful antivirus programs for android devices. It detects and removes malicious codes found in most malicious internet downloads and files. The free version only contains the basic virus dictionary. This gives users a basic knowledge about different viruses so they can perform an intelligent search to remove them.


The pro version of AVG antivirus apk has many features and functions that you won’t find in the free version. You can use the advanced scanning engine that detects and removes malware such as Trojan horses, adware, spyware and virus. It also features a database that stores the history of websites that are visited by the user. The advanced malware protection allows you to perform tasks such as blocking or unblocking access to certain sites. Performing continuous scanning helps you get rid of viruses and other threats that are slowing down your system.


You can back up the data in your android device to improve the performance of your system in case of any error. The built-in backup feature of this program makes this function automatic so you don’t have to manually start the scanning and backup process every time you detect a new, harmful threat in your system. The scan module of this apk enables you to perform a complete check on your system. It detects common virus infections and gives you a list of them with the help of a log list.


AVG antivirus Pro features like identity theft protection and parental control for your android device. This package comes with AVG anti-spyware and anti-adware software, which provide real-time protection against phishing and malware attacks on your PC. It also features likes safe internet browser, music player, game, news reader and many other features like game Booster and Language Pack. The product also features cheap monthly plans for home, work, free, business and student editions that enable you to get this amazing tool for a reasonable price. You can get the latest AVG antivirus Pro version 3.1 for free from the official website of this company. To know more about AVG antivirus Pro and other features like upgrades and technical support, visit ReviewMOZ.

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