Google Android Package Installer


Google’s newly-acquired Android Software engineers have released a new program called “package installer”. Google Android Software engineer Michael Schrage has explained in a blog post how the new program helps the user in installing their preferred apps on their mobiles using the Google Android devices. The program is very similar to the “Google Android Manager” which is already present on mobiles like SGH-IHT and HTC Evo Shift. The difference lies in the way these two programs work. Users need not be an engineer, and they don’t need to have installed the Android SDK or any other development tools.


Android package installer, as the name suggests, facilitates the users in installing their preferred apps on their android devices. To install any app on one’s mobiles, the user needs to download the APK file from the Google play store and then transfer the downloaded file to the internal memory of the phone. This process is then completed automatically by the android package installer. Users no longer need to install different apps on the phone, which means they can get a variety of apps in a single application.


The package manager allows users to search the apps available for installation. Just like in the package manager, users can search for the type of apps they want to install. Moreover, the user is also able to uninstall apps they no longer want. There are many other features like displaying the list of all installed apps, and Google Search on the android device. Users also have the option to manage the icons on the application’s menu.


Google’s package manager has seen a tremendous rise in popularity with the introduction of Android. Many companies offer consulting services to Google about the usage of the android device software, and the android package installer is just one among them. Many business owners have found that the convenience provided by the package manager makes it ideal for their business.


The android devices from Google run on the Java platform and hence most of the apps designed for iOS or Windows Phone 7 run on these devices as well. However, there are certain apps that cannot run on these devices. For example, apps whose interface is in a different language than the android ecosystem are not compatible. Google Android package installer has taken care of this issue by releasing an installer that is designed to run on all devices irrespective of the OS. Users just need to install the app and it will be compatible with any device.


Google Android provides a number of features that are not present on the iOS platform. For example, the SMS and MMS messages received on these devices can be viewed on the Android device. The keyboard on these devices can also be customized according to the users’ preferences. However, the users can switch back to using the standard keyboard on their iOS devices.


Another great feature provided by Google Android app installer is the usage of widgets. Widgets, as their name suggests, are applications that are installed as a widget on the user’s android device. There are a number of popular widgets such as Google Now, Chrome, Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube and many more. These widgets make the user’s life much simpler by providing them with relevant information whenever they need them.


All in all, Google Android package installer is a great product that provides the users with more options than what they are likely to get from Apple Inc. Although Google launched the Android operating system many years back, it has really taken off and become very popular among the smartphone users across the world. To download your free copy of Google Android app installer, visit the link given below.

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