Newly Endorsed US Embassy Scholarship Award


The newly named United States of America Embassy Scholarship Award for Internship is being presented to foreign students who have decided to pursue a foreign language degree. There is a great need for language majors in the United States. Due to the ongoing ebbs and flows of illegal aliens into the country many people from other countries are choosing the United States to live and work. Some of these folks may not be able to obtain an internship with the US government due to language barriers but they can still obtain an internship through the United Kingdom’s Foreign office.


It is not uncommon to find foreign students who would like to earn a degree in a second language such as American Sign Language (ASL). It is especially popular among those individuals who live in Canada but wish to learn American Sign Language. As a result the demand for programs geared towards foreign language majors is at an all time high. In fact there are so many language programs offered by universities, colleges and technical colleges throughout the United States that foreign students will soon command a significant portion of the college market. The University of British Columbia in Canada has been very effective in its efforts to enroll more foreign students.


Many of these students who choose to study ASL are from underrepresented nations. These students often come from places in the world where English as a Second Language is not the primary language. For example a student who may come from India or Pakistan may wish to pursue a degree in American Sign Language (ASL). However their choice may be because English is not their primary language. The college which they choose to attend will then be responsible for providing them with all of the necessary services to enable them to receive a full education in this particular language.


Every foreign language degree program in the United States is required to have a performance evaluation. The college that awards the scholarship award will be responsible for determining if the university’s performance in this area is satisfactory. The evaluation is not only based on the level of the coursework, but also on the number of foreign language students who enroll and the quality of their academic achievements. The degree awarded is not necessarily tied to the performance of the college’s department of study. The department may well award a high mark to a departmental candidate who is equally competent as a student from another department.


A foreign language scholarship award does not have a requirement for a language test when it is awarded. Language tests are usually administered after a semester or during the first year of a program. Once language proficiency is established, scores can be obtained on the TOEFL and/or the TOEIC. The United States Department of State’s webpage on Foreign Language Scholarship awards foreign language students indicates that the TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is the preferred testing system.


Applicants who demonstrate that they already have an excellent foreign language skills are more likely to be awarded a scholarship than those who do not. However, if past accomplishments are a drawback, there is no reason why an exceptional foreign language academic record should not be ignored. To be eligible for a United States college scholarship, a foreign language student must have passed the required courses. An outstanding scholastic record should be part of the package that one needs to present when applying for such a program.


The awards of a United States Department of State’s website also indicate a number of other language and science scholarships. Students who are majoring in mathematics are eligible for a fellowship in math. Those who are majoring in science may apply for a scholarship in the science department, or the mathematics department if they prefer. For students who are interested in teaching, the United States Department of Education offers Teaching Abroad Scholarships.


The Department of State website contains a list of the current scholarships offered. Students who would like to know which one they have been awarded should check the site regularly. The webpage offers a list of the universities, colleges, non-profit organizations, and agencies that offer this type of program. Students may apply for up to five foreign language and science scholarships at one time. It is important to gather all the necessary information before applying for any kind of program.

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