PhD holders Entering Non-Academic Workplaces

PhD holders entering nonacademic workplaces

Professors and researchers from the PhD holders’ field are aiming to create awareness about their academic qualifications to a broad audience as well as to the local workforce. In the year 2021, Professors from the fields of criminal justice, forensic psychology, social work and health services will present a paper at the annual international seminar for the project researcher identity development in the social sciences, Barcelona, su -soler. This will be the first conference of this kind to be organized in Europe. The organizers are pleased with the response they have received.


Dr. Flora Castelluccio is the coordinator of the International Conference on PhD holders’ activities in the year 2021. She explains that this meeting will feature invited speakers from twenty different countries. Among them will be invited speakers from Latin America, Asia, Africa and other continents. These will include researchers from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Professors will include scholars from China, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.


The conference theme will be “Research Processes and Postdoctoral Work”, organized by the Asia Society. The themes may include working with the transnational communities, collaborating with different cultures and sectors of society, developing interdisciplinary collaborations, and globalization, cultural change and adaptation. It will also include a workshop on “cultivating excellence: cultivating excellence for the post-graduate and early career researcher”. The theme of the workshop is a reference to the importance of international collaboration for the researchers. The conference will provide a venue for the exchange of information and new understandings and for the exchange of research findings.


Themes for this year’s meeting are also set; one of which is “Dependency on Elsewhere Research”. Another is “Duality between Phd Holders and Others – reflections on the elision of dissertation and academic pursuits”. The third is “Dependency on Elsewhere Researchers for Reference and Expository Materials”. The first two themes refer to issues of dependency on elsewhere for research help, while the last refers to the elision of academic pursuits and dissertation in making academic papers and presentations.


Themes for the meeting next year will be “Dependency on Elsewhere Researchers for Reference and Expository Materials” and “Duality between Phd Holders and Other’s reflections on the elision of dissertation and academic pursuits”. The main topic of the workshop will be “revisioning your doctoral studies through international collaborations”. Themes for the meeting on “how to turn your Ph.D.” into” livelihood” and “academic careers” will follow.


Post-Doc Summer Research Abroad (PDRA) program was launched by the French Ministry of Research and Eco-Socialization in 2021. The program is designed for PhD holders who plan to spend most of their working life outside of academia. The aim of the program is to equip participants with enough skills and information on important contemporary issues in international context. The main objectives of the program are threefold: (a) to build intercultural competencies, (b) to boost the awareness of young people on important contemporary issues and (c) to facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge between participants from different countries and disciplines. The program was held in nine cities across France and participants were encouraged to share their experiences and gain insights from each other.


The second phase of the Postdoc Summer Research Abroad will be held from September till November in Mexico. The participants will have the opportunity to visit various Latin American cities like Guadalajara, Mexico City, Mexico, Acapulco, Toluca, Monterrey, Buenos Aires and Monterrey, Mexico City. Participants will have the chance to participate in a wide range of conferences and workshops organized by prominent scholars and experts of the field. The main conference themes will be, “The New Frontiers of Health Care”;” Trends in Latin America and the United States – Implications for Policy and Practice” and” Challenges for New Zealanders wishing to move into a doctorate programme”.


The third and last phase of the Postdoc Summer Research Abroad will be held from December till March in New Zealand. During the entire period, participants will have the opportunity to travel around New Zealand and participate in a wide range of seminars and workshops organized by national and international organizations committed to the promotion of health care and social assistance. The themes of the upcoming conferences and workshops include, “An Alternative Approach to Healthy Aging and Population Management”, “Closing the Gap on Nutrition and Health”, “Making Effective Use of New Zealand’s Population Information System (NZPIS) database”, “Equal Opportunity Using Senior Statistics for Building Effective Health Systems”, and “Making Educational Opportunities for Migrant Teens”. Participants will also be able to attend special events such as the Pan-Lecture on Global Health and Social Change at Auckland’s Central Business District. Other activities include the awarding of the coveted International Association for Research on Diabetes and the Centres for Gender, Equity, and Sexuality Education and the awarding of the coveted Feminist Prize for Science.

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