Potter Witches Unites – All The New Stuff With A refreshed Game Experience

If Harry Potter and the World of Warcraft are any indicator of the future of online gaming, it looks as if the next generation of gamers will be having just what it takes to fully enjoy World of Warcraft. One of the newest games to come out of this amazing phenomenon is known as Potter Witches Unite. World of Warcraft players everywhere are probably excited at the prospect of being able to team up with their favorite characters from the Harry Potter book and the associated movies and games. Of course, the biggest question on everyone’s mind has to be, will the new game play online be as exciting and fun as the actual games?



The first thing that would have to be said about Potter Witches Unite is that it is not a completely new game. Rather, it is a new concept that allows players to play the traditional games through their PCs, and a variety of mobile devices. For anyone who hasn’t seen the game in action, it uses the game play as sort of an interactive novel. In other words, you basically turn the PC or laptop into your very own character and basically do all the things that your favorite Harry Potter characters do.


Now, while I am sure there will still be some people who will be upset at the idea of playing a Harry Potter game online, I think it will be a big hit among the young and old alike. After all, who doesn’t like Harry Potter? The whole theme of the Harry Potter series is about learning to overcome differences of opportunity by learning to overcome their weaknesses. This is a great theme to bring into a new online game, and Potter Witches Unites does just that. Not only does the game allow you to use your favorite Harry Potter characters, but you are also given a chance to use their skills against each other. You really do get to feel like a part of the adventure as you play this game.


As for how this new game comes to be, it actually starts out just like the older games did. The player creates a character, chooses a theme, and then does the actual game play. However, instead of battling their opponents with wands, they instead are able to battle it out using their minds. This means that the entire game plays out on your screen just like it would if you were really in the game. The main difference is that instead of using wands, players use their minds instead.


But how does Potter Witches Unite come to be? Well, it appears that this new game is inspired by the older games, in the sense that it is something that many people will enjoy. This is great news for those of us out there who were disappointed with the previous games. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will bring more of these games out in the future.


It’s also nice to know that this new version of Potter is not as cheap as some of the others. It’s unclear as of right now if it will be coming to other mobile devices or if it will be exclusively for the PC. So far, we have only seen it on the PC. It will most likely be a high quality game that doesn’t cost a fortune. For those interested, Potter Witches Unite is available for download right now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and other smart phones.


We already know that Potter is among the most popular games on the planet. How much more popular will it be when it is available on your cell phone? We don’t know the exact numbers, but the general rule of thumb is that the older games tend to stay alive longer on the market because consumers still want them. Plus, having a game that is constantly updated is always a plus. Potter Witches Unite is no exception. This new version looks amazing and it plays like a charm.


The graphics are crystal clear, the characters are well done, and the overall theme is very colorful. It’s definitely a step up from any of the previous games that were released. So much so, in fact, that I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the new version. As much as I enjoyed the old versions, they just weren’t as fun as this one. With tons of different options, this update makes Potter Witches Unites the best Harry Potter game on the planet.

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