Using Google Play Services


The latest addition to Google Play Services is the integration of social media. With more than a billion users, Facebook has become a powerful force in online social interaction. Now users can connect directly with their friends and family through their existing social network. As users connect with their social network through their Google+ page, they can engage in conversations with their friends, family, coworkers, and other contacts through the use of the AdWords content network.


Social Media integration is one of Google Play Services highlights. Since the launch of the Google+ social platform, many apps have been released. Many of these apps have been created specifically for the Android platform. Google has begun offering a selection of these apps for download on the Android Market.


Most notable among these apps is Google Buzz. Google Buzz is an instant news reader app that allows users to gather information based on topics and then distribute them across the web via RSS feeds. Users can also check the latest weather data in the region where they are located. Other services include: Weather Alerts, Google Now on Tap, Today Widget, Ticker Clock and Gmail shortcuts. Users can create their own individualized Google Buzz shortcuts or use the built-in ones that will be used by all users of the Google+ social network.


Google Earth is another useful service. This service allows users to explore how various regions of the world look from a global perspective. It also provides users with maps of different cities. Users can search for places using Google Maps, and see how they look like from different perspectives. This is done by selecting a city and then viewing it on the map. Other Google Earth apps available are: Tourist Guide, Google Search, Google Transit, and Google Earth Mobile.


On top of Google Play Services, users can also take advantage of Hangouts. With this service, they can make video calls over the air. They can also connect to groups online to engage in virtual conversations. As a part of Hangouts, users can also share videos with their friends and family. Unlike Google Talk, there are no long-distance charges involved when using Hangouts.


With Google Hangouts, users can do much more than just video calling. Aside from calling, they can also create voice notes and post pictures and other documents in the same platform. These features of Hangouts make it a very powerful service. In fact, it may even replace the need for specialized apps. For example, documents from Microsoft Word can be shared through Hangouts.


With Google Play, users can also take advantage of YouTube for furthering their educational experiences. Google Apps already allows users to watch video clips from YouTube. Now, this can be extended to Hangouts. Users will be able to watch and listen to YouTube videos while they are on Hangouts. This is certainly a huge advantage over the alternative – Apple’s Safari. Of course, using the service requires a great deal of storage space so users may consider downloading apps to make use of YouTube as well as Hangouts.


If you have been looking for an option that will provide you with a free service as well as additional features, Google Play has everything you want. The best part about Google Play, however, is that it is entirely free. Although you have to pay for the actual Google Play app, once you have signed in and activated your account, you will be able to access all of your apps and make use of all of the great features. In the end, this could prove to be a worthy investment for all users, especially those who often want to stay in touch with their friends and family.

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